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Hello, welcome to Online Startup College, a place to learn Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Freelancing, YouTubing and Online Coaching and Consulting in very simple language and actionable steps. We will be covering every step from starting off to taking off and flying high. We are covering every Tool, Gears and Books required for your massive online success. We also guide you through which tool is best suite for you, as everyone having our unique way of working and different skill set. At online startup college we are going to guide you in selecting each and every product and service starting from Hosting Providers, WP Themes, WP Plugins, Email Marketing, Membership Platforms, Funnel Builders, SEO tools, and much more for your online success. Be ready to handle massive success before achieving success because handling success is much difficult, when you are not ready to handle it.  Online Startup College is committed to provide you everything (R) everything for your online success. Once again be ready for SUCCESS. 

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Top 5 Online Money Making Opportunity


There are thousands of ways to make money online like Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Online Surveys, User Testing for Websites, Freelancing, Online Coaching, YouTube Channel, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Writing e-Books, Data Entry, Drop Shipping, Print on Demand and list goes on. Since there are lots of option to earning online,  we have picked top 5 most scalable and well known ways, to make sure you get more and more results as you go ahead.  These five ways covers approximate 50% of total online earning by Individuals (not a company).

We have selected Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Blogging, YouTubing and Coaching & Consulting to help you achieve FREEDOM by following step by step guides of doing these correctly. I request you to not to get overwhelmed by consuming wrong information or wrong guide. Please follow proper and proven system of doing these and achieve success. These ways of making money online are having high potential of growth. You can earn millions of dollar as an passive income if you committed to do it.

The most important thing is that you can start with minimal investment or even if without investment. There are lots of free tools to help you in growing without investment and once you started to grow than you can start using paid tools (not compulsory) to have more FREEDOM in terms of time. Paid tools can help you in achieving more growth by using power of automation. A single tool can save your 4 to 5 hour per day by automating regular time consuming tasks.

If you are reading this, most probably you are having a smartphone, a laptop or a personal computer and an Internet connection. That's enough, You can start online earning now without waiting for anything. We want to enjoy your full journey of online success by collaborating with you, by helping you as our tagline says "Your Online Success Partner".

Note: Though the ways mentioned are proven ways to make money with little to no investment, they might not be quick. They require reasonable efforts for a few months.

Disclaimer - Online Startup College participates in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon. This means that whenever you buy a product on Amazon from a link on here, we get a small percentage of its price.

Affiliate marketing industry worth approximate $12 billion as of now in 2020 and growing everyday. It is a revenue share model, and the most popular source of passive income in online industry. Ninety percent of the companies in the world, having their affiliate program to promote products or services. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to monetize you Blog/Website and YouTube Channel. There are mostly two type of affiliate programs, i.e. one time affiliate commission program and recurring affiliate commission programs. All physical products having one time affiliate commission structure and most of the digital products (SAAS) having recurring commission structure that can give you a decent amount as a passive income. The commission rate for most of the physical products are varies from 1% to 12% and most of the digital products are varies from 20% to 60%. I can say affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing


Step 1 - Find Niche (Micro Category)

The very first step to start affiliate marketing is to find out the product or service to promote, collectively called niche (micro category) for example electronics is a broad category, Camera and Photography is sub category and DSLR Cameras is a micro category (Niche).   

Step 2 - Select Product or Service

There may be so many products in your niche, but you have to find out best product (based on your audience) by doing your own research. If your niche is DSLR Cameras and your audience base is wedding photographers than this Panasonic camera may be your best product to promote, and if your audience base is YouTubers than this Canon camera may be your best product to promote. 

Step 3 - Find Affiliate Program

After deciding your niche and product to promote you have to find out affiliate programs to join and promote products.  You can join Amazon Affiliate Program to promote most of the physical products and Fiverr Affiliates for promoting digital services. Refer our affiliate marketplaces section for more details on affiliate programs. You can also search affiliate program of any company by putting 'Company name' + 'Affiliate Program' in search engine.

Step 4 - Promote Product or Service

After joining the affiliate program you will be provided with your unique affiliate links to promote with your audience. After referring your affiliate programs terms and conditions you can start promoting product and service to earn commission. You can start Blogging or YouTube Channel to promote your affiliate links and start earning. 

Blogging Workflow

When it comes to making money online we can't forget blogging/website. Content marketing industry hold value of approximate $400 billion and there are over 500 million blogs on internet as on 2020. More than 75% internet users read blogs regularly and approximate same amount of websites on internet are blog or having their blog, even you are reading these statics on a blog. As of 2020 approximate 25% social media post having links to a blog. After reading these simple statics you can have an idea on the popularity of blogging and potential of earning through blogging. You can start blogging with an internet connection and a laptop/computer in any niche based on your expertise or passion. There are so many tools to help you in your blogging journey, starting from planning your content strategy, being more productive and creative, WP plugins, keyword finders and list goes on. Running successful blog with the help of available tools can give you FREEDOM of time and money. 

follow these steps to start blogging

Step 1 - Find Niche (Micro Category)

Before start blogging you have to decide your niche, in most of the cases people turn their passion into niche and this is the best way to be successful in blogging. Find out your passion and turn that into profession through blogging. If your passion is cricket than you can start blog on cricket (Micro Category) instead of sports (Category). 

Step 2 - Choose Blogging Platform

To start building your blog you need the choose platform on which you build your blog, like choosing the plot for your home. WordPress is the best available option to start blogging. Approximate 70% websites of the world are on WordPress platform. There are so many themes and plugins to help you move fast in your journey of blogging. 

Step 3 - Join Affiliate Programs of Your Niche

Once you are ready with your niche and blogging platform, you can find affiliate programs of your niche to promote product and services to your audience through your articles. These affiliate programs will give you a passive income. For example you can promote bats if you are blogging on cricket.

Step 4 - Write Contents

Now you have everything to start writing content and grow your blog. Create social media profiles (Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile etc.) of your blog to allow your fans to follow your blog on social media. Write consistently and take help of tools for your assistant in writing. 

Do you like to work for yourself instead of a company/organization ? If yes, freelancing is best option for you. In freelancing you have the full control of your work and time. Freelancing is a large and rapidly growing industry. You can start freelancing easily on the platforms like Fiverr and SEOClerks. Fiverr will provide you everything for doing freelancing through their learning portal and you can become affiliate too, giving you chance to promote other peoples work and earn small commission. There are about 150 Million freelancer in the world, and some of them are earning $75,000 USD a year.  Most probably, as a freelancer you will be working from your home. When you work from your home, your productivity will increase by approximate 13%.  To start working as a freelancer, you need only an internet connection and a laptop. Start freelancing as a side hustle if you are a working professional and when it starts growing you can quit your 9 to 5 job and become your own boss. I wish you all the best for your journey towards becoming your own boss and having full control of your life.

Freelancing Workflow

follow these steps to Start freelancing in minutes

Step 1 - Register Yourself as a Freelancer

To start the journey of freelancing you have to register yourself as a worker on the freelancing platforms like Fiverr and SEOClerks and complete your profile.  

Step 2 - List Down Your Expertise/Skills

List down your expertise/skill on these freelancing platforms by creating your Gig (a contract work). Refer other peoples Gigs to have an idea on how to list your work/skill. You can experience freelancing workflow by creating an account here.

Step 3 - Complete Your Orders

People/Companies will see your offer (Gig) and they start contracting with you for your skill. When you get the contract you have to complete the work as per your listing and after submitting your work, you will be paid as per the rates decided by you while creating Gig.

YouTube Channel

Hello, welcome to the world of videos. Do you know that YouTube was started in 2005 and as of now (2020) YouTube is second largest search engine & also second most visited site after Google. As per prediction, by 2025, half of the video viewers under age 32 years, will not  subscribe to paid TV services.  YouTube cover 91 countries and 80 different languages. Top YouTubers are earning in millions through their YouTube channel. You can start your channel free of cost in any category, on YouTube. You can make channel around your passion and by following your passion you will making dollars, that's the magic of YouTube. There are multiple streams of income through one YouTube channel, like Advertisement, Affiliate Marketing, Paid Promotions and more. In future, video industry is going to be the most wealthiest on internet. Start today, You are not going to pay anything, It's FREE. Happy YouTubing.

Steps to start youtube channel

Step 1 - Find Niche

The first step for starting YouTube channel is to find out the niche (Sub Category) on which you are going to create content. Finding niche around your passion will help you in moving fast. For example if you are passionate about Laptops than creating Laptops reviews channel is a great idea.

Step 2 - Setup Channel

After finding your niche, create a channel on YouTube and setup it professionally by setting up nice profile photo, great channel art, detailed about section and linking of social media accounts. A professional looking channel have the chance to grow very fast.

Step 3 - Find Affiliate Programs

After setting up your channel based on your niche, find out the affiliate programs to join and start promoting other peoples product or service in your niche. If your channel is about laptop reviews than joining amazon affiliate program will increase your earning through commissions.

Step 4 - Create Content

Now, you have everything to start creating content and publish. You have to create good quality content to build strong audience base. Your audiences are going to be your best friends in your journey to successful YouTuber. Create content about best products for your audience as I can suggest you best laptop to start YouTubing.

Online coaching and consulting business is the most scalable, most respectful and most profitable as of now. The lockdown scenario, due to spread of COVID-19 led to a surge in online coaching and consulting industry. Almost everyone is learning something through internet by reading blogs, by watching video, by doing online courses, by listening podcasts, by live webinars etc. This state of world given us the opportunity to make a living by teaching others from comfort of your home. In online coaching model students and teacher need not to travel, coaching person doesn't need physical space to teach, students can learn at their own speed and own time. There are platforms, providing teachers everything required for teaching online, starting from video hosting space, membership site, payment collection setup, live class and much more to convert physical coaching into online coaching. We highly recommend online coaching and consulting business to make money online.

Coaching and Consulting Workflow

steps to set up your online coaching business 

Step 1 - Find Niche

Everything starts with finding niche, a micro category. We recommend you to choose your niche around your passion/interest. In today's world you can teach/coach almost everything. You can find courses on 'How to Edit Photos' to 'How to Design Website'.

Step 2 - Setup Online Coaching

When you are ready with your niche, decide platform on which you want to host your course. Find available platforms details in our membership platform section. Be aware  of shiny objects while choosing/selecting platform for your online coaching and consulting business.

Step 3 - Sell Courses

After setting up your online school, you need to market and sell your courses to your target audiences. For selling course you can use advertisement, live webinars, podcasts, YouTube videos.  

Step 4 - Consult Students

Now you having students, learning from your courses. Providing consultation to your students can help your students to maximize the results and will give you extra money. 


When you start building your online empire, you will need some Gears, Software's, Tools, and Books. Picking up of right things for your startup is a vital point. Wrong selection of any component for your online machine may lead you in trouble or regret. Selecting of gears, software's, tools and books is never an easy task especially when you are presented with so many options.  We are here to help you in deciding the same for your online startup. Find our recommended list of gears, software's, tools and books below.

For starting affiliate marketing your requirement of Gears, software's, tools and books is depends on the way of promoting. When you are doing affiliate marketing through blog we recommend Hostinger, for fast and reliable hosting, Thrive Themes for building your conversion focused website and FREE GrooveFunnels account for building sales funnels and bridge pages. We recommend this Acer Laptop for doing affiliate marketing, if you are not having yet. When you starting affiliate marketing through YouTube than refer YouTube section below for recommended list of gears and other tools. Find detailed review in our Affiliate Marketing Section.

When you planning to start your blogging journey, you need Hosting, Theme, Plugins and Keyword Research Tools for completely setting up of your blog. We recommend Hostinger, for fast and reliable hosting, Thrive Themes for building your conversion focused website and FREE GrooveFunnels account for building sales funnels and bridge pages for affiliate products and SEM Rush for your keyword research. We recommend this HP Laptop for your blogging journey. Find detailed review in our Blogging and Website Section.

For starting your freelancing career you need to register yourself as a freelancer on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and SEOClerks and complete your profile.  Requirement of freelancing tools is depends on the type of your skill/work. However, we recommend Canva, Youzign for your Graphic and Designing need. You need to choose a high performance laptop (HP Pavilion) to complete your different type of heavy & continuous tasks on time and professionally. Find detailed review in our Freelancing and Drop Servicing Section.

Starting YouTube channel is not a heavy task, you can literally start now.  While starting YouTube channel you need Video Editing Software, Laptop/PC, Camera, Microphone, Green Screen, Video Light and Tripod. We recommend you Filmora Video Editing Software, HP Pavilion Laptop, Canon EOS 200D DSLP, Boya BYM1 Mic, Simpex Video Light, 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod and SONIA Green Screen. Find detailed review in our YouTube and Video Marketing Section.

Setup Required for Online Coaching and Consulting is somehow similar to YouTube Channel setup, because in online course creation you required to produce video lectures. We recommend you Filmora Video Editing Software, HP Pavilion LaptopCanon EOS 200D DSLPBoya BYM1 MicSimpex Video Light50-Inch Lightweight Tripod and SONIA Green Screen. Membership site, funnels, Email Marketing can be done by using FREE GrooveFunnels account. Find detailed review in our Coaching and Consulting Section.

You need to be more productive, creative, clear on your goal and self reliant to achieve your goals on time. We recommend you Grammarly to look after your writing,  Calendly for your schedule planning. Find detailed review in our Fast Growth Tools and Hacks Section.

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Disclaimer - Online Startup College participates in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon. This means that whenever you buy a product on Amazon from a link on here, we get a small percentage of its price.